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Jack of all trades, master of some

My father always tells me he's not sure what he wants to be when he grows up. Now at 40, I get it. I got my degree in philosophy and studied theology after that. I worked for a decade as an editor and later an instructional designer. Now I design digital educational games and interactive content for kids (ages 6-18) across the country. At least, that's what I do from 9-5.

Going back farther, I started a web design company when I was 16. I worked as a social media manager and producer for an app developer. I ran and wrote for websites covering the games industry. I taught myself how to program. I designed board and card games. I I even fulfilled a lifelong dream designing and releasing adventure games. 

If you're interested in original compositions for your media project, I have a varied portfolio that I invite you to peruse. I'm also more than happy to write a brief demo for you. I offer game and ludonarrative consultation at reasonable rates and have helped game designers work through some tough problems. I've even written a 3-book series about marketing indie games that you might find interesting (written as an ongoing narrative about a fictional indie game studio), and in general, I offer comprehensive writing, editing, and instructional design solutions.

If you have any needs in this area, I'm ready and excited to start a discussion with you about how I can not just solve your problems, but take your project to the next level.

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