Image by Amir Doreh



Jack of all trades, master of some...

My father has always told me he's not sure what he wants to be when he grows up. Now in my late thirties, I get it. I got my degree in philosophy and studied theology after that. Then I worked for a decade as an editor and later an instructional designer. Now I design digital educational games and interactive activities for kids across the country. At least, that's what I do from 9-5.

For a little background, I started a web design company when I was 16. I've worked as a social media manager and producer for an app maker. I've run and written for websites covering the games industry. I taught myself how to program. I've designed a card game and worked on board game designs. A couple of years ago I fulfilled a lifelong dream of designing and releasing a point-and-click adventure game. 

When I was a child, I wanted to be an author, a game maker, a composer, and an archaeologist. And weirdly when I was 3, a gas station attendant. I gave up on the gas station aspirations, and after participating in a dig, decided I'm not cut out for work in the sun. The others, though... that's what I hope you're here to find out about.

I have a portfolio of original compositions (orchestral, electronic, rock, pop) I invite you to peruse. I offer game and ludonarrative consultation at very reasonable rates and have helped game designers work through some tough problems in quick order. I've even written a 3-book series about marketing indie games that you might find interesting (written as an ongoing narrative about a fictional indie game studio), and in general, I offer comprehensive writing, editing, and instructional design solutions.