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This is your one-stop shop. Whether you want the majesty of a symphony orchestra behind your score, emulate the stylings of your 16-bit favorites, evoke the nostalgic of analog synths of 70s and 80s cinema, or a hybrid combination that will be unique to your project, I can get you there--arranged, mixed, and mastered for release. Click the Contact button below to reach out to me with details of your project, and I can quickly get you a quote for the project! Easy invoicing, contracts, and licensing made easy. Let me help make music the easiest part of your production!

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$45/hour for consults

$55/hour for in-engine work
Contact for a quote for larger projects!

Stuck making your game design work? Dealing with some sticky ludonarrative dissonance? Need to design a mechanic? Want a detailed workflow drawn up for your programmers? Need a wireframe mockup for your UI artist? I'm here to help, whether that's a casual chat, a formal phone call, or working on a deliverable. Help me help you!

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$.10/word for writing
$40/hour for editing

Need someone to help bring your ideas to life on the page? Want a game design document that everyone can understand? Require a wordsmith to clean up your copy? Does your game beg for witty dialog? Whatever the need is, I can help!

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