Image by Sebbi Strauch


Composing, Arranging, Orchestrating, Producing, Mixing, Mastering, and SFX

Whether you want to command the sound of a symphony orchestra, chill to lo-fi beats, or create a sinister synthetic soundscape, I will take your spark of an idea and take it all the way to finished product.

I use the highest quality instrument sample libraries and industry-standard software to ensure the best possible quality, in the most efficient timeframe, and with the highest customer service that you expect and deserve.

Please take a listen to a curated selection of my music below. If you don't hear something in the style you have in mind, don't hesitate to request a short free demo. I'd love to talk with you about what your project needs.

For your game, show, film, podcast, commercial, or personalized life soundtrack, I can't wait to help you bring your vision to life.



Perhaps you aren't ready for something custom yet. Maybe you don't  have a budget for music. That's okay; I've still got you covered. I hope you'll take the long scroll down to listen to selections from my full catalog, but I'm also happy to share out royalty free copies of all of my musical experiments. So if that's what you've come for...




"A creative mastermind and a true professional; Grant is one of the best up-and-coming composers in the business and a real team player!

I worked with Grant in a small team to produce a game and the experience was very special indeed. As our composer, his understanding of our shared vision was so strong that he delivered the main theme within an hour of defining our game concept, which then helped shape the rest of the creative process, and his work remained on-point throughout

the rest of the project!

Not only did he communicate frequently, share his progress and work tirelessly to perfect his loops, but his vast experience and input on the rest of the project was invaluable. Whenever my studio is looking for a composer, Grant is always the first name on my mind."

Matthew Rohani, Climax Studios



Edgy, Chipcrushed, Retro, Frenetic

I'm currently in the process of writing a full-length soundtrack for this retro-styled RPG-like dungeon crawler. It features an eclectic mix of Hollywood-inspired Orc sounds as well as a fresh take on synth-heavy, retro-fueled music.



I'm honored to be working on the soundtrack for this upcoming game from newly formed Hawkward Studios. It's too early to divulge any information about the game itself, but I'm able to share some of the first music from the game: a couple of instrumental versions of the opening theme music, as well as music from
the first main area and boss fight.


Electronic, Energetic, High BPM, Retro

Rhythium is a new combo-based rhythm game headed to Steam featuring original indie music. I wrote two tracks that will be playable in the game later this fall when it releases.



Orchestral, Film, Dramatic, Sentimental

The first video showcases the full 5.5-minute score written for this short film. This is a rough cut so you can get a sense for the score as originally written per the director's cue notes, but there will be additional noise and rough edges with the film. The second video is the finished product.