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Composing and Producing Bespoke Music and SFX

Whether you want to command the sound of a symphony orchestra, chill to lo-fi beats, or create a sinister synthetic soundscape, I will take your spark of an idea all the way to finished product.

I use the highest quality instrument sample libraries and industry-standard software to ensure the best possible quality, in the most efficient timeframe, and with the highest level of customer service.

Since you're here, I invite you to take a listen to a curated selection of my work. If you don't hear something in the style you have in mind, please reach out to request a short free demo. I'd love to talk with you about your project's needs!

Music: Image


You Will Not Survive

Original Game Soundtrack

from DethSoft

“Grant is amazing to work with. Any idea/concept/sound I pass to him, he quickly transforms into a fully fleshed out composition that's ready for air. Excellent collaborator and composer. I'd utilize his talents in any and all game projects I work on in the future.”

b33f, Dethsoft and formerly Valkala Labs

EtherOrcs: Dungeons

Original Game Soundtrack & Sound Effects

from Valkala Labs

All Possible Worlds


“Grant is a considerate, passionate and all around nice guy which made working with him as part of a team, very easy. His forward thinking approach towards his own work as well as the efforts of a wider team, show Grant's ability to fit into any group seamlessly while delivering high quality assets time and again. It was a pleasure.”

Ryan Barry, Splash Damage and formerly Cloud Imperium Games

Age of the Deep

Original Game Soundtrack

In Development

from Hawkward Studio

Bravest Burden

Original Game Soundtrack

from Mystic Thistle

Kaiju Brawl

Original Game Soundtrack Contributions


"A creative mastermind and a true professional; Grant is one of the best up-and-coming composers in the business and a real team player!


I worked with Grant in a small team to produce a game and the experience was very special indeed. As our composer, his understanding of our shared vision was so strong that he delivered the main theme within an hour of defining our game concept, which then helped shape the rest of the creative process, and his work remained on-point throughout the rest of the project!


Not only did he communicate frequently, share his progress and work tirelessly to perfect his loops, but his vast experience and input on the rest of the project was invaluable. Whenever my studio is looking for a composer, Grant is always the first name on my mind."

Matthew Rohani, Climax Studios


Original Game Soundtrack Contributions

(also released on All Possible Worlds)

from Wuko Games

Passion Projects

Game Jams and Pro Bono Projects

Yellow Cake Promo
Ahoy - Logo
The Lost Piano - Short Film
For Granted - Short Film


Not everything gets finished. Some of these were created as demos. Others were created to test drive a new instrument or synth. This is cutting room floor material, but these have a little something to them.


I hope you'll take me up on my free music offer above, but even more so, I hope we can become partners in your future endeavors. Whenever you're ready, I'll be ready!

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