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A Year of Investment and Growth

2022 turned out to be quite the year. Many great blessings in this business and many lessons learned, some harder than others. Obviously "writing more often" did not come to pass, as the last update was 10 months ago, but plenty has changed:

  • For starters, my amazing wife added this huge sign to my studio.

  • I've continued to invest in the studio, both hardware and software.

  • I've now road tested my mobile setup (composing for a game jam with Climax Studios and writing tracks for three clients while on a month-long road trip with the family).

  • I released my first album.

  • I finished my first full soundtrack and released an album of that, as well.

  • I wrote the entire narrative arc and started implementing full levels and puzzles for Heist Simulator.

  • I designed two small puzzle game prototypes for a new client, plus a narrative treatment.

Along the way, many things did not go as planned. Some amazing opportunities I had got put on the backburner or just vanished altogether. In the downtime, I continue to hone my craft, talk and work with other composers, get and share feedback, and learn new tools.

2023 will hopefully be an even bigger and better year than 2022. If I can help your new year in any way, shape, or form, please don't hesitate to reach out (comments here or contact me directly)!

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