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Spring Update

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

It's been a wild 2022 so far. So much to talk about, and seemingly no time to write about it. Let me give you the Cliffnotes version, as each of these likely warrants its own blog post in the near future:

  • I plan to start writing more often, for starters. As well as being sociable on social media. I may even start an Instagram account.

  • I got a second hardware synth: the Arturia Microfreak (Vocoder edition).

  • Speaking of Arturia, their Analog Lab software (with V Collection 8 and Pigments 3) has become my second favorite VST, behind BBCSO Pro from Spitfire.

  • I've had several new game design clients, one of which I just started working with, and the project is a lot of fun (but I can't talk about it just yet).

  • I've had some really huge musical client opportunities, which has afforded me the opportunity to expand my compositional palette.

  • I now know what it's like to compose music in the middle of a crowded van full of children on a loud, bumpy highway.

  • I upgraded my at-home studio (beyond just the synth) and established a mobile studio, which I've been using on the road for the past 3 weeks.

  • I've greatly updated and expanded on the website, with some fresh design tweaks, and most importantly, free music packs.

So yeah, busy times! Stay tuned for more regular posts on these topics and many others!

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